GVMS Kiss and Ride Guidelines
Posted on 12/13/2021

Please view the Kiss and Ride Map below.

Dear Gainesville Middle School Parent or Guardian,

I am writing to ask for your assistance if you drive your child to and from school, school sponsored events, and/or clubs or activities after school. I am concerned that several drivers who drop children off at school are not following the specified traffic pattern (see attached diagram). This, in turn, is leading to a safety concern as students walk across the parking lot instead of being dropped at the curb, and some drivers disregard lane markings and traffic flow on school grounds.

If you drive your child to/from school or pick them up from a club/activity after school, we ask you to adhere to the following expectations:

  • Please do not drop your student off on Limestone Drive.
  • Please follow the flow of traffic around the parking lot and only pick-up/drop-off students from the designated area.
  • Use a single file traffic pattern to loop around in front of the school.
  • Refrain from entering visitor parking lots/spaces to drop students or exit the student drop-off line. This is crucial to the safety of our students.
  • Remain in line and follow traffic flow back to Limestone to exit school grounds.
  • Please make sure you are using crosswalks when necessary.

These directions are intended to retain an orderly, predictable traffic environment for the safety of our students and faculty and staff. Thank you for your assistance in keeping our students safe in and around our parking lots each the morning and afternoon.


Mary Kate Graham


Gainesville Middle School for the Arts and Sciences

kiss and ride diagram