GVMS Drama Club Drama Builds Character with comedy and tragedy masks

Frequently asked questions...

How do I join drama club?

  • Students can join if they are cast from the audition fothe fall short play festival or the spring cabaret OR if they are chosen after they interview to be a crew member for either show.


What if I am not cast as an actor in the play or cabaret?

  • You can still participate by interviewing to join our crew for either show!


I want to be in the cast or crew of the fall play, but I am not available for all of the tech week dates or the performance dates, what do I do?

  • I am sorry, but you must be available for all the tech week dates and the performance dates to participate, but if the fall show doesn’t work out with your schedule, you can always audition for or join the crew of the spring cabaret!

Do you have to be in the fall play to do the spring cabaret?

  • No! If you are only interested in performing in the spring cabaret you can audition for that later in the year. Audition dates and rehearsal times for the spring cabaret will be announced in December, on this page, before we leave for winter break.


I might have to miss some rehearsals; can I still audition for the fall play or spring cabaret?

  • Doing a play is much like participating in a sport- it is a big time commitment. I would like my cast to be at all rehearsals. I will allow only 2 missed rehearsals. If you have a conflicting school function (like chorus) or a family commitment, let me know the dates before you audition (I will have a form for you to fill out) and we can talk about it.


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