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2021 Fall Track Meet Schedule

Mon. 9/20 vs. Bull Run - W 78-32
Tues. 9/28 @ Metz - CANCELED
Tues. 10/5 vs. Reagan - L 72-38
Thurs. 10/7 @ Parkside vs. Metz - W 80-51-11
Tues. 10/12 @ Manassas Park - W 99-11
Tues. 10/19 vs. Marsteller - L 59.5-50.5
REGIONALS Tues. 10/26 @ Gainesville High School - 2nd Place! 159.5 - 121.5 - 108

Regional Write Up
This is a long one.  Been slacking so making up for it on this one...
Yesterday was and is one of the top 3 days of the year, as it was the day of Regionals.  It was time for the Baby Hawks, as Grinnell has coined them, to fly.  Our Regional team normally consists of 75% of 8th graders, this year we had 1, so 5%.  But our times were right where we needed them, so it was going to be interesting.
Started out with the field events, where we held our own.  Roslynn Miller was leading the way in Long Jump going into the last round of jumps.  Until the 4th to last person to jump edged her out by 3 inches with a jump of 13'7".  Roslynn who was the favorite still had one jump left and would be going last.  She took off and jumped, this time she landed on her butt, so I was unsure of the distance, but the judge called out a distance of 13'8"! Getting 1st place in the Region!
The high jump was a little tight where it was being held but Grace Ellingson still did her thing and got 4th place.  (I know this is a short sentence compared to the paragraph for Roslynn, but there will be more about Grace a little later)
Shot Put was another interesting story.  Addy Hoopes had to rush over after Long Jump to get in her 3 throws quickly before hurdles.  After warming up, her first throw almost took out a judge apparently who was hard left of the target.  Second throw went around 19 feet, she has been throwing 26 feet all year.  Mr. Ball clarified with the judge that she was not throwing an 8 pounder...she was not.  Then somehow, someway, she gathered herself for one last monster throw of...28'3"! Getting another 1st place!
Back to the track now.  Grace Ellingson put on a clinic in the 55 Meter Hurdles as she won with a second to spare which is insane.  She ran a new PR of 9.36 seconds.  Then ALMOST getting 2nd but claiming 3rd was Addy Hoopes, who had a whirlwind of an hour.  
Our Sprint Medley Team, made up of Savannah Roehn, Olivia Williams, Haven Tiamson and Emma Hernandez ran a new season PR of 5:01 to get 2nd place.
6th grader Amirra Ruth got 2nd place in the 55M with a time of 7.65.  Never seen a 6th grader in the faster heat, let alone place in the top 3.  Unreal.  And Micah Waring ran a 7.93 getting 7th place!
Roslynn Miller and Grace Ellingson got 2nd and 3rd in the 100M with new PR's of 13.31 and 13.47.
Anna Remsen ran a new PR in the mile with a time of 6:06 to get 4th place and Addy Hoopes finished up her busy day getting 5th place with a time of 6:13.
Our 4 x 100 Team, made up of Harper Burns, Haven Tiamson, Ava Pirozzolo and Amirra Ruth ran a season PR of 57.8 to get 3rd place.
Our 4 x 200 Team, made up of Micah Waring, Savannah Roehn, Alyssa Farewell and Roslynn Miller finally cracked the 2-minute mark with a time of 1:59.46 to get 2nd place!
Lauryn Vick, who just started running the 400 for us a couple weeks ago, placed 6th in the region with a time of 1:11 and finishing just behind her was Amanda Ascencio with a time of 1:13 to get 8th place.
Riley Long, who has been on a tear the past couple weeks, broke through another big barrier in the 800M run.  This time she soared past the 2:50 mark for the first time and ran an incredible time of 2:45 getting 4th place!
Grace Ellingson and Roslynn Miller got 2nd and 5th in the 200M with new PR's of 28.68 and 29.29!
And our 4 x 400 Team, made up of Haven Tiamson, Savannah Roehn, Harper Burns and Anna Remsen ran a new PR for us with a time of 4:56 getting 3rd place!
All of that sounds amazing, and it was in fact...amazing.  But Reagan, the prohibited favorites stood their ground and performed well all day.  Reagan got 1st overall with 159 points.  We got 2nd with 121 points.  And Marsteller rounded out the top 3, with 108 points.  
It was another fantastic year!  Looking forward to see what the future holds for them the next two years as the future is now for the Lady Hawks.  Until next year....GO HAWKS!!!

10/5 & 10/7.
The Lady Hawks had 2 meets in 3 days.  First one being against an always tough Reagan, whom we lost to by a score of 72-38.  And the second one being a tri-meet against Bull Run and Parkside where we won 80, to Bull Run's 51 and Parkside's 11.  A lot of high's and some low's this week and will keep them both to this week's Top 5 Moments.
Number 5 - Honorable Mention - (I know I said top 5) - Want to give a shout out to Mr. and Mrs. Spencer and Mrs. Pritchard for coming TO Parkside to cheer on the girls.  It meant a LOT to the girls that you were all there and they were shocked you all came out so thank you!
Number 4 - Mile Extraordinaire, Addy Hoopes, threw over 26 feet at both meets which is super awesome, getting 2nd place and 1st respectively.
Number 3 - Our 4 x 400 Team against Reagan, made up of Anna Remsen, Harper Burns, Amanda Ascencio and Haven Tiamson ran our first recorded time under 5 minutes with a time of 4:57 which is a huge barrier to break.
Number 2 - Grace Ellingson had a fantastic week.  Put her in 3 brand new events and she killed it in all of them.  She ran our fastest 200 of the year with a time of 28 seconds and some change.  She cleared 4'4" in the high jump, which is our highest of the year.  And she ran a 10.04 in the 55 Hurdles, also our fastest time of the year.
Number 1 - Emma Hernandez has never ran an 800 for time, ever.  I threw her in the 800 as part of a relay and she absolutely...CRUSHED IT.  She started about 50 meters behind the Bull Run girl and was able to pass her to win the relay yesterday as she ran a time of 2:50.  The fastest time we have seen in that event.  
Great week.  We are away at Manassas Park next week as we will try to continue to set new PR's for the season.  Hope you all have an enjoyable weekend.  GO HAWKS!!!

Been two long years since the last official meet but it is like we never left.  Actually I was super nervous as were the girls...BUT...they performed really well as we were able to beat neighboring Bull Run 78-32!  
My editor in chief Mr. Garrison said my initial email was too long, so I am going to give my personal top 5 moments from last night.
Starting with number the Long Jump we swept them as Grace Ellingson, Roslynn Miller and Anna Remsen went 1, 2, 3.
Number 4!  Riley Long, Erica Timothy and Claire Henning went 1, 2, 3 as we were able to sweep the 800M race!
3! Savannah Roehn was our lone high jumper, but she held it down as she was able to clear 4'1" getting first place!
Number 2! Addy Hoopes and Anna Remsen got 1st and 3rd in the mile and already shaved off 40/45 seconds off their initial time from tryouts a couple weeks ago.  That. Is. Insane.
And at number 1!!! This is always the first goal for the 4 x 100 team.  Crack 1 minute.  And in their first meet our team, made up of Sarak Kim, Amirra Ruth, Savannah Roehn and Grace Ellingson were able to do just that with a time of 59 seconds flat.  
There was way more awesomeness that happened and will be more to come as we have our next meet AWAY at Metz next Tuesday.  Looking forward to seeing them continue to improve.  Hope you all have an awesome day and for the first time in a LONG TIME...GO HAWKS!!!