Instructor: Coach Goode

Spring 2022 Season will start on  Monday March 21st, 2022



4/17 @ Parkside 5:00
4/21 vs Bull Run  4:15
4/28 @ Metz 5:00
5/1 vs Reagan  4:15
5/5 @ Manassas Park 5:00
5/12 vs Marsteller  4:15
REGIONALS 5/19 (TENTATIVELY) at a T.B.D. High School Location. 3:00pm Start time. 
*** Start times are HOPEFUL start times for the FIELD events..... it all depends on PWCS transportation.  Home meets are hopeful for 4:15 starts, as noted. 

Thank you all for an amazing and memorable season!

Season Report


Well.  We did it!  We capped off our season in amazing fashion by winning Regionals by quite the wide margin.  We finished with 134 points and the next closest team had 88.  I do have to say that it was not the best start which had me a little worried.  We were projected to have 36 points after field events and well...we maybe only had 15.5.  Brian Jaffa got 6 of those points by getting 3rd place in the Long Jump.  When I realized we had given up 20 in the beginning, it had me a little thrown off but the boys spirits were still high and they did not show any ill effects during the running events where we absolutely dominated.

Shadrach Nvodjo has been untouchable in the 55M Hurdles for two years and that continued yesterday as he set a new record and PR for himself with a time of 7.78 (1st record that was broke).  To put that in perspective, he had to clear 5 hurdles and only ran .5 seconds slower than Nathan Alescio in the 55M open who is fast in his own right.  Simply put, the guy is a beast.  Aiden Fries also ran his best time of the season, with a time of 8.87, claiming 4th place.

Our Sprint Medley team, made up of Jahmari Nelson, Noah Hernandez, Jordan Lorenzi and Ronin Hofmaster, also ran a new season record with a time of 4:23 to claim 1st place.  We worked on new handoffs which definitely helped getting that time down.

In the 100M open, Shadrach and Cruise got 1st and 3rd to get 16 more points for the Hawks.

Our 4 x 100 team consisting of Isaiah Almonte, Aiden Fries, Chase Collins and Cruise Campbell broke our school record and ALMOST cracked 49 seconds with a time of 49.06 to win another event for us.

Our 4 x 200 team who is made up by Kendall Robin, Noah Hernandez, Parani Saravanapavan and Jahmari Nelson broke, I should say crushed, our previous record and cruised to an easy win with a time of 1:43.97.

Nathan Alescio and Brian Jaffa got 1st and 3rd in the 400M open and Brian Jaffa ran his new PR with a time of 56.9 while doing so.

Isaiah Almonte and Ronin Hofmaster got 2nd and 4th in the 800M run, they both killed it by running their new PR's of 2:22 and 2:23 respectively.

Shadrach also won the 200M open, which means he won all 3 of his events that he was in.  Getting 30 points on his own.  That is extremely rare and super impressive.

And lastly our 4 x 400 team, made up of Brian Jaffa, Aiden Fries, Parani Saravanapavan and Nathan Alescio cracked the 4 minute mark for the first time all season and shaved off an insane 19 seconds on our season best time with a time of 3:59 to win another relay event.  New handoffs also helped in this event tremendously.

I think anyone could have coached these talented group of young men but Coach Harris and I had the pleasure of doing so.  It is always so cool to see 6th, 7th and 8th graders become so close over a short period of time and interact the way they do which would never happen without sports.  Fun fact - The last two seasons Mrs. Harris and I coached together have churned out two championships, had to throw that in there.  Another amazing thing that happened this season, is that they broke half of the records.  7 out of 14 events now have new records.  It is just mind blowing what they were able to accomplish.  They definitely deserve as many high fives as your hands can handle and they will be wearing their medals tomorrow I'm sure so they will be easy to spot.  Thank you all again for your help and support throughout the school year, makes both of our jobs easier when we work together the way we do to get the best out of the student athletes.  So thank you and you know I have to do it one last time for the 2018-2019 school year...Go Hawks!!!!


We traveled right down the street today and took on Marsteller on a brisk May evening, it felt like mid March but wasn't raining.  Anyways, we went there and handled our business beating them 69-32.  There was no long jump as their pit was flooded from all the rain we have been hit with as of late, that is why the score doesn't add up to 110 like usual.  We had some pretty sweet moments again as usual but I am only going to do a top 3 like always to make it short and sweet.

Three - we had some new handoffs to get in and 5 minutes prior to the 4 x 100 we were able to get down 2 new sets of handoffs.  But that didn't stop  Isaiah Almonte, AIden Fries, Chase Collins and Cruise Campbell from setting the new season PR with a time of 50.17, which is very close to our school record.

Two - Shadrach Nvodjo ran another sub 8 second 55M Hurdles.  Guy is unreal.

One - this is also another story that has been told before, but during the Sprint Medley, our 800 runner...Ronin Hofmaster was down about 20 meters with 150M to go.  And somehow, someway...he managed to come back and seize the lead maybe two steps before the finish line.  All the boys naturally ran over and formed a big circle around him jumping up and down.  It was a cool scene and was worth the price of admission.

Our Regional roster is set now and we start preparing tomorrow for next Wednesdays big meet.  Thank you all for the support throughout the season.  We have been killing it all season but it doesn't mean anything if we don't do the same at Regionals.  Looking forward to an awesome finish.  Thank you all again.  And for the second to last time this school year...Go Hawks!!!


I challenged the boys yesterday to come out and make a statement.  Reagan is always a solid team year in and year out.  And well, make a statement, they did.  We ended up beating them by a score of 86.5-23.5.  Some of our relay teams are really starting to gel, especially our 4 x 100 and 4 x 200 teams who are now meeting my goal for those two respective teams with enough time to hopefully improve a little more.  We did have some impressive jumps in personal records for the year that will make up today's Top 3 Moments..

Three - as if this guy needed something else he is extremely good at, Shadrach Nvodjo, cleared 5'4" with limited practice during high jump today.

Two - Isaiah Almonte ran a new team best for the 800M, getting a time of 2:25.

One - Milo Gray cut off a stunning...six...teen...seconds off his mile time to run a new personal PR in the mile with a time of 5:35.

We have our last home meet on Friday, weather permitting, against Manassas Park.  So come on out if you can.  Crazy to think that two weeks from tomorrow is our Regional meet.  The season has flown by, but there is still work to be done.  Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week.  Go Hawks!


We went to Stonewall and handled business as we beat them 97-13.  It was never in doubt from the jump, literally...Jahmari hit 17' on the long jump for the first time this year and Aiden Fries now has the high jump record of 5'7".  Those were just some of the amazing things that happened but as always I am just going to stick with my top 3, outside of those two.

Three - I love when our B teams get second place over other schools' A team, it gets me incredibly jacked up...and our Sprint Medley team did just that.  Nico Vega, Brelon Allums, Daniel Ha and Jaxon Ramage took second place by quite a margin.

Two - John Cerreta set a goal today of running a sub 2:40 800M run and well...he ran a 2:39!  It was awesome as it always is when you see them accomplish their goals.

One - who am I fooling!?!? Aiden Fries clearing 5'7" on the high jump was unreal.  The boys were so happy for him that there was a solid Aiden! Aiden! Aiden! chant that lasted about a minute as we walked from their high jump area back to our hang out spot.  He cleared 5'2"  as a 7th grader and once again, told me last year that he was going to get the record in 8th grade.  And he did it.  And it was amazing.

That is all though folks, two meets next week...both home...both of which are our last home meets so come on out if you can and see them take on Reagan on Tuesday or Manassas Park on Friday.  Have a wonderful weekend!  And you know I have to say it...Go Hawks!!!


We traveled to Bull Run for our first of two away meets this week.  We started out amazingly and that continued throughout the meet as we ended up winning 83-27.  Our depth showed once again as we had 3 boys go down with various injuries and different people had to step up and they did so admirably.  On top of people stepping up, some of our top athletes broke some records, Nathan Alescio broke a 9 year old record by running the first ever 400M race in under 55 seconds (54.96).  Shadrach Nvodjo broke Jakari Lewis' record from last year for the 200 cracking 24 seconds, getting a time of 23.96.  Still have 3 weeks so we will see if those times will keep improving.  Besides those 2 moments, I have my top 3 for the remainder of the meet.

Three - Aiden Fries caught fire at the end of the high jump, finding a good rhythm and clearing 5'4" and he should have cleared 5'6" on his next jump but just barely nicked the bar on his way up.  He will be breaking that record by the end of the year.

Two - Ronin Hofmaster runs the 800M leg of the Sprint Medley and on the home stretch he was approximately 10 meters behind when he turned it into high gear.  I didn't think he made his move early enough to catch their runner but with 5 meters or so left he just passed him and we ended up winning that race by 0.3 seconds!  It was an incredible finish.

One - Tristin Koury got called into action maybe 15 seconds before the start of the 4 x 200 relay when another person had to scratch themselves.  Without hesitation he ran up to me, grabbed a piece of tape and got to his spot.  And with limited coaching, he had two great handoffs which led us to a convincing win in that event.  We usually spend 10 minuets or so doing handoffs with new members and for him to perform the way he did was something special.

We have our next meet on Friday at Stonewall as we look to continue our streak.  Hope you all have a wonderful day and as always Go Hawks!!!


Parkside came to town for our first meet of the season, two days after PWC got back from Spring Break and well, I was expecting some mistakes.  Even with a DQ and a DNF, those usually completely derail any chance of winning, we still managed to beat Parkside 65.5-44.5.  They had some good talent on their team as they won Shot Put, Long Jump, the 55M, 4 x 100, 4 x 200 and the 200M but we were just too deep.  That is what is going to separate this team from year's past.  But we shall see, there is still a lot to do and hopefully the boys are ready to put the work in so we can try and win another championship.

Here were the top 3 moments from the meet:

Three - Aiden Fries, Parani Saravanapavan and Kendall Robin all cleared 5 feet on the high jump.  Not sure that has ever happened on my watch.  Unreal.

Two - Nathan Alescio ran a 57.7 400M even with the wind swirling like it was.  This is one to keep an eye on for the season to see if that record will fall.

One - Shadrach Nvodjo broke his own record for the 55M Hurdles, getting a sub 8 time.  Be interesting to see what the final number is at the end of the season.

We are away and away next week, so by the time we are back home in two weeks we should be rocking and rolling if you want to come and enjoy a nice evening outside.  Thanks for the support and for the first time this Spring...Go Hawks!!!


Tues. 4/23 - vs. Parkside W 65.5-44.5
Tues. 4/30 - @ Bull Run W 83-27
Fri. 5/3 - @ Stonewall W 97-13
Tues. 5/7 - vs. Reagan W 86.5-23.5
Fri. 5/10 - vs. Manassas Park - ***Cancelled***
Tues. 5/14 - @ Marsteller W 69-32
Wed. 5/22 - Regionals at Manassas Park W 134-88-72


Snack List

Recommended Snack Lists before meets:

  • Fruits
    • Apples
    • Oranges
    • Bananas
  • Nutri-Grain bars
  • Cheese sticks
  • Gatorade
  • Water