Boys JV Basketball
Instructor: Coach Goode  

2021-2022 update:
Tryouts for boys basketball will start on  Wednesday January 19th, 2022.

Season Recap
Not only did the JV Boys go back to back, but the Varsity too which is the first time that has ever happened here.  And this is only the second time our JV Boys have finished a season undefeated at 10-0.  So it was clearly a special couple years filled with special moments that I know I won't forget anytime soon.  The main one from this year obviously being Lukas Parks' 3 pointer from downtown at Bull Run to force the game into overtime.
Once you get to that video, fast forward to 9:30 and enjoy.  I have watched that video too many times to count.  That shot made this undefeated season possible.  Outside of that first half at Bull Run, the boys really dominated from there on out, obviously having some hiccups along the way, but they always managed to pull away at the end.  
On top of that shot, going down the list, we have Evan Brown's grown man moves down low with his beautiful footwork on display all season, Kamari Colqohoun's perfected euro step finally not getting called a travel and finishing with both hands around the rim with that move, to Henry Birge, Noah Conrad, Nathan Forst, Isaac Holmes and Grayson Vandiver dominating the first quarter against Manassas Park 20-1, to Greg Davidson getting 20 points and 11 rebounds in one game, to Tyion Holloway scoring the first 5 points at Stonewall, to Ruben Leon's monster game when we hosted Reagan, to Shaun Roby getting 6 with his perfected floater quick against Parkside, to Julian Shahateet carrying the team in the first half at home against Bull Run, to Carter Weinschenk hitting the BIG TIME 3 at home against Bull Run to put us up by 8 with little time left and Preston White playing HUGE at Bull Run.  I could talk more but that was just what first came to me.

Outside of basketball, we are really proud of how they started handling themselves in the classroom and in the hallways and how they started being better teammates halfway through the season.  We are hoping they continue to be the fine young men that they know they can be.  And Coach DJ said it first so I have to quote him..."Going Back to Back is cool...but you know what is even better...Back to Back to Back."  We will try to continue this story next year.  Until then, it has been a pleasure as always and for the last time...GO HAWKS!!!

We went to Stonewall yesterday as we traveled on back to back days, which is nuts.  Most NBA teams don't have to do that, but our boys were ready.  We went up a much improved Stonewall team coached by former Hawk, Mr. Turchetta.  All 13 of our boys got plenty of playing time today and they all played well.  8 of them scored again and all of them contributed in some aspect.  But it wasn't until the third quarter where we made our big surge.  At halftime the score was 26-15, but by the end of the 3rd it was 44-15.  Shortly after that we went up by 30 and the clock continued to run as the final score ended up being 47-17.  Our big guys led the way again in terms of points as Greg Davidson had 11, Evan Brown had 10, Ruben Leon had 6 and Preston White had 2.  Also contributing with points were Julian Shahateet (7), Kamari Colquhoun (3), Isaac Holmes (2), and this player may have stolen the day as a whole.  Tyion Holloway scored our first five points in the game to get us up early, finishing the game with 6 points...he led our team in rebounding with 5 big boards and he is also now our Party Bus NBA Trivia Champion!!!  Which is an honor in itself.  
The boys are back at it again next week AWAY for the final time at Marsteller and then home against Manassas Park on Thursday.  We are officially half way to our goal of being undefeated but there is still plenty of work to be done to make sure that dream becomes a reality.  Looking forward to the challenge and the weekend as always.  Thanks for the support and GO HAWKS!!!

We traveled to Reagan yesterday which is always a tough place to play and it was yet again.  It was a battle throughout and the final score doesn't tell the whole story.  The whole game felt weird since we could never really push the tempo as much as we normally do and they were very methodical in their approach on the offensive end so the whole pace threw me off.  But we took the lead early and never once trailed but the lead never got to double digits until late in the 4th quarter when Carter Weinschenk hit a late three to put us comfortably ahead with under a minute or so to go.  When the final buzzer went off the score read Home (Reagan) 21 - Visitor (Gainesville) 33.  We had 8 different people score this game, with our leading scorers getting 6 a piece plus a mixed bag of other stats.  Here they are...
Julian Shahateet filled up the stat book with 4 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists and 5 steals.
Carter Weinschenk had that clutch 3 pointer to also go along with zero turnovers which is huge because he got a lot of minutes in our guard spots.
Lukas Parks and Preston White both led our team in scoring with 6 points a piece.
Evan Brown had 5.
Kamari Colqohoun had 4.
Ruben Leon had 3.
Greg Davidson had 2.
So we are now 4-0 and have another away game today at Stonewall as we try to remain undefeated going into the second half of our season.  Crazy to think we will be done in less than 3 weeks.  Thanks for the support as always and GO HAWKS!!!

We hosted Parkside yesterday and the game was back and forth in the beginning.  We were down 7-4 at one point early in the game but once we ended the quarter up 13-11, we were never trailing from that point on.  Into the second quarter we started building our lead a little more as we went into the half up 22-13.  Then in the second half we exploded, in a good way.  Our three headed monster down low carried the weight once again.  Evan Brown balled out for the third straight game, amassing 12 points and 5 rebounds.  Preston White had 6 points and 4 rebounds.  But the star of the show was Greg Davidson who went off for 20 points and 11 rebounds.  I have been waiting to see him put together a full game and well, one does not simply get 20 and 10 at this level.  That is next level stuff.  Hoping this game is just a start of things to come for him.  Our guards also played some of their best games as well, taking care of the basketball and penetrating their defense to create some good shot attempts for themselves and have some beautiful passes to our previously said big guys.  All in all, when it was said and done the score read Gainesville 58, Parkside 24.  
We are away and away next week as we play Reagan and Stonewall.  So it will be a little bit before we are back here.  I have been receiving a lot of emails so far and please keep them coming as we really want these boys to better themselves on and off the court.  We had a big group discussion yesterday with both teams separately again about expectations in the classroom, hallways and cafeteria.  So hopefully we can start seeing a positive trend on that end.  Thanks for all the support as always and enjoy this well timed 3 day weekend!  GO HAWKS!

You will need to sit down for this story I am about to tell.  This is a true story of thirteen 6th and 7th graders going through an emotional and physical rollercoaster ride for 30 minutes at Bull Run.  At times, it was a tale of what could have been...7 of 26 from the free throw line...woof...and countless missed shots within 5 feet.  At times, it was poetry in motion when watching Evan Brown finish around the rim with beautiful footwork.  Other times, it looked like as if we were simply going through the motions and forgot we were actually playing a real life basketball game.  But the story was everything you could ask for as a fan of the sport and it included two incredible plot twists M. Night Shyamalan would be envious of.
The story started out as expected, it was a slugfest in the first quarter.  For whatever reason, when we travel to Bull Run, it is always just a grinder of a game, for example we won last year there 20-19.  First quarter was 7-5, so it was going as expected.  Then the second quarter happened and it was as if we did not want to be there.  We were giving up easy looks from 3 and they made us pay for our lackadaisical approach.  Going into the half it was 16-7.  I challenged the boys at halftime to do something epic.  Being down 9, away, facing a tough opponent is a tough task.  But the boys responded, not without a fight from Bull Run though.
3rd quarter starts and we make our first move.  We were finally able to get out in the open in transition forcing a couple turnovers.  It all culminated with an and 1 by Greg Davidson that cut it close.  We cut it to 3 but they eventually pulled away a little again finishing the quarter down 26-20.  We were still down but you could tell the boys were finally engaged.  We continued to push but we couldn't really get it down to a one score game.  Every time we scored, they seemed to have an answer.  It wasn't until we started applying intense man pressure where we started making our final push with time running down and Evan Brown led the way scoring 6 points in the 4th.  The final couple plays both ways are now a blur in memory, so we are going to fast forward to the first plot twist.  It is 32-29, we are down by 3, one of their players misses the second free throw attempt with 10 seconds left.  We dribbled the ball down and get trapped so I call a timeout with 2 seconds left.  Sketchy.  We draw up a play on the spot for the sideline.  Never practiced it.  There is no name for it.  First look is to Kamari Colqohoun to draw the defense to the nearside corner but we then have our two bigs come together and have a double screen to free up Lukas Parks fading towards the top of the key...he catches the white volleyball court line...pulls it...and DRAINS IT from beyond NBA territory to tie it up!  It. Was. AWESOME!!!  But there was still work to do.
First overtime.  We go up initially but squander away our lead as we continue to have problems finishing around the rim.  This story may sound similar but we were once again down 2 with our final possession now under 20 seconds.  The boys run our zone offense and swing around and there he is..Evan Brown in great position again.  He takes two strong dribbles and spins over his left shoulder and finishes as time was under 10 seconds.  By the time they got the ball inbounds all they could muster was a full court heave which fell short.
Double overtime.  This time we go up initially again but maintain a 3-5 point lead throughout.  But it was not that easy.  Despite having no issues with their full court press during regulation, it is a little different at the end of the game when you need to take care of the basketball.  We have one turnover that leads to an easy layup.  Eagles now down 3.  We are still in the driver seat though.  Boom.  Another turnover as one of our boys stepped on the baseline when he caught the basketball.  They now have possession and a chance to tie with 4 or so seconds left.  We focus on their primary shooter and they end up inbounding the ball to their second shooter at the volleyball court line...he pulls up................................
and misses it!!!! HAWKS WIN!!! HAWKS WIN!!!

Evan Brown led the charge with 15 points and 9 rebounds.  Greg Davidson had 8 points and 6 rebounds.  Preston White had 8 points and 5 rebounds.  Lukas Parks had 5 points and 4 assists.  Julian Shahateet has 4 points and 5 rebounds.  And also contributing to the points were Isaac Holmes, Carter Weinschenk and Kamari Colqohoun.   Hoping this game propels us to go on a roll here, but the only way you can find out is live at Gainesville on Thursday as we host Parkside.  Tip off should be around 5:00 PM.  So come on out for the home opener to see them  if you can.  Thanks always for the support and GO HAWKS!!!!
By the way, that sideline play is now and will forever be called Lukas.

Last Thursday was the year anniversary of our last JV Boys loss, against the team that beat us, at their place.  So needless to say, we were a little jacked up for the event.  Right at the tip, our boys were ready.  They were executing our half court set awesomely, finding holes in their 2-3 zone.  Cutting back door when open.  It was great to see as they were up huge at halftime, leading 22-0.  Evan Brown led the charge in that half scoring 8 points and 2 incredible assists that led to wide open buckets.  
The rest of the game saw a lot of other people step up as we continued to increase our lead as we eventually won 41-10.  Evan Brown led all scorers with 10 points while also leading the team with 3 rebounds and tallying those 2 assists and 3 steals.  Julian Shahateet also chipped in 9 points of his own.  Ruben Leon was knocking down mid range jumpers at will in the 4th, contributing 7 points.  And the rest of the scorers were as follows, Lukas Parks (5), Preston White (4), Henry Birge (2), Greg Davidson (2), and Isaac Holmes (2).  
We are away Tuesday of this week against Bull Run, then have our first home game on Thursday against Parkside so come on out if you can.  Hope you all have a great week and GO HAWKS!! 

2020 Schedule

2/6 @ Metz - W - 41-10
2/11 @ Bull Run - W - 45-42 2OT
2/13 vs. Parkside - W 58-24
2/19 @ Reagan - W - 33-21

2/20 @ Stonewall - W - 47-17
2/25 @ Marsteller - W - 46-26
2/27 vs Manassas Park - W 63-18
3/2 vs Bull Run - W - 37-25
3/5 vs Reagan - W - 34-23
3/10 vs Marsteller - W 53-27