Gainesville Middle School


We strive to be the best school in Prince William County, and we will pursue that standard of excellence by holding to a demanding but rewarding policy: Every staff member at Gainesville will take responsibility for every child’s academic success. We will always be focused on doing what is best for our children.


Gainesville Middle School will provide a safe, structured, engaging environment in order to encourage student growth, responsibility and achievement.  Courtesy and respect are integral parts of our learning community, and are expected from each member.  We highly encourage the active participation of all students, educators, staff, and parents to ensure the success of all.

Gainesville Middle School will expect all students to perform academically at or above their learning level, and to exhibit positive behavior toward their peers and the staff.  Students shall accept responsibility for learning, do their best at all times, and develop respect for themselves and others with an appreciation for diversity.

Teachers will support an instructional approach that fosters motivation and emphasizes differentiation by using best method instructional practices.  High expectations will be conveyed.