GVMS Counseling Department's Mission:

The counseling department will support the growth of all students in the areas of personal/social, academic, and career development to ensure each student is able to reach their highest potential. The Gainesville Middle School Counseling Department will collaborate with administration, staff and families within the community to ensure that each student receives a world class education. Every counselor Gainesville will take responsibility for every child’s academic success. We will always be focused on doing what is best for our children.


GMVS Counseling Department's Vision: 

The GVMS Counseling department will allow each student the opportunity to reach their fullest potential and to become lifelong learners. Through the help of the comprehensive school counseling program, Gainesville students will be able to be reflective, persistent, and brave to gain the skills necessary to above expectations and have positive, life-long impacts on our school and community. Gainesville Middle School counselors will provide a safe, structured, engaging environment in order to encourage student growth, responsibility and achievement.  Courtesy and respect are integral parts of our learning community, and are expected from each member.  We highly encourage the active participation of all students, educators, staff, and parents to ensure the success of all.

Meet the Staff: 

Jessie Castles
Director of Counseling 
Last Names R-Z 
[email protected] 

Janaelle Robles 
School Counselor 
Grade 6: Last Names A-Q
[email protected]

Amilyn Konopki 
School Counselor 
Grade 7: Last Names A-Q
[email protected]

Ellen Pashiardis 
School Counselor 
Grade 8: Last Names A-Q
[email protected]

Patty Lopez
[email protected]