Who are the Library staff members?

Librarians: Christine Ware

                     Claire Klassen

Assistant:   Karen Propheter

GVMS Curbside Pick Up
● The first pick up will be Monday, September 14.
● You may check out up to 3 books at a time.
● Books will be due 3 weeks from the Monday they were ready.
● For updates and more detailed information, visit the GVMS Library Page.

1. Sign into the GVMS Library Catalog (Destiny) with your PWCS username and password. Browse for the book(s) you would like to check out and click to make your request. 
Complete a Book Request Form to request a specific book or ask for a recommendation. 
You will receive an email notification that your book will be ready for you the following Monday. 
2. When you know your book is ready, stop by the GVMS Bus Loop on Monday during the scheduled time to pick up your books. Hold up a sign with your last name and a member of the Library staff will bring out the books and place them in your trunk. 

When library items are returned, they will enter quarantine for 72 hours (as recommended by AASL) before they can be checked out again. Please do not attempt to heat, bleach, spray, or otherwise sanitize your library materials. 

 What are library hours?

Monday to Friday from 7:55 AM to 3:15 PM


 How many books may I check out?

Students are allowed to checkout 3 books at a time.


 How long may I keep my library book?

Students may borrow a library book for a period of three weeks, and can renew a book as many times as they would like. Students must bring the book to the library before the due date to renew the book.


 What can I do if a library book is checked out to someone else?

A student may request a librarian to place a library book on hold. The student’s teacher will be notified that the book is available for the student to check out. Holds will be kept for a 2-week period; after that time, the book will be returned to its shelf.


What happens if my book is overdue (late)?

Once a book is overdue, students cannot checkout books until all overdue materials are returned.

Homeroom teachers are given a list of students in their class with overdue books on a weekly basis. We ask that the homeroom teacher relay this information to the students in their class.

After two weeks, parents are notified via phone that their student has an overdue book. After 30 days, any overdue books are considered “lost” and students are assessed a replacement fee equal to the cost of the book. 
Students are asked to either pay this fine, or preferably, return the overdue book as soon as possible. Once the book is returned, the fine is deleted from their account.


 When can I come to the library if I’m not with a teacher?

You may come to the library anytime during the day as long as you have a pass from your teacher.


 What if I’d like to spend time in the library during lunch?

Students must go to the cafeteria and eat before coming to the library. Each grade has 2 library lunch days per week.  On the designated days for their grade, students can request a lunch pass from the Administrators in the cafeteriaOnce entering the library, students are to sign in at the circulation desk. They are expected to sign out before leaving to return to class.


Can I come to the library without at pass? 

Yes! Students may come to the library before school begins and a short time after school. If you are fast you may stop by quickly between classes as long as you are not late. No passes will be given to students who are late for class!


 May I use the library’s computers?

All students are allowed to use the computers in the library. However, they are to be used for research or school projects only. The internet is available through the library computers. All acceptable use policies established by Prince William County Schools as stated in the Code of Behavior apply to Internet usage in the GVMS library. Students who use e-mail or inappropriate web sites will be removed from the computer.


 I need to do research at home. Are there library resources I can use?

The librarians have evaluated many web sites and have included links to them on the Research- Website Links page.  The library web page also has links to several online databases. Make sure to pick up the list of passwords in the library before you go home!


What magazines are available in the library?

The library has a variety of magazines available. Students may read them in the library, or check them out for use at home.

Magazines include:

Brainspace Magazine

Consumer Reports

Faces: People, Places & Cultures

Food Network Magazine

Ingredient Magazine

J-14: Just for Teens


Kids, Code & Computer Science

MAKE: Technology on Your Time

National Geographic Kids

New Moon Girls

Popular Mechanics

Sports Illustrated for Kids

The Week