P6/P7  ESOL Concepts LA

Summer Break is Here! - News - Mabry Elementary PTA

WEEK OF June 1-5

1) Do Lexia for 30 minutes.
2) Practice action verbs in:


3) Write a 5 sentences paragraph about the plans you have for the summer break. 

WEEK of May 26-29

Memorial Day weekend events in the Rochester area | WHEC.com


1) Write a short paragraph about what you did during Memorial Day Weekend. 
2) Learn a bit more about Memorial Day. Use the link below.


WEEK of May 18-22 

Teaching & Learning Verbs | Identifying Verbs & Verb Types ...

1) Let's review our verbs! Watch the Power Point presentation.
2) Do the matching game.
3) Choose 6 verbs and write 6 sentences.  

Verb Power Point.pptx

ESLGamesESLGrammarVerbTenseMemoryGameEFLELL (1).pdf

WEEK of May 11-15

For this week I would like you to continue working with the 30 day writing challenge. I'll be happy to check your work, so email me your writing or take a picture and email that to me. 
Also work on LEXIA and READWORKS. 


WEEK of May 4-8


Continue reading and doing work in LEXIA and READWORKS.
Starting this week, I encourage you to do the 30 day writing challenge. Click on the link below and choose one box a day to practice your writing skills. Some activities are easier than others. Remember to use google translate or your first language if you need to.  Email me your writings, or take a picture and email it to me. 


WEEK of April 27-May 1

Parts of Speech in English Grammar - Better TOEFL Scores Blog

Click on the links below to access your writing activities of the week. Remember to use Google translate if needed, and you can use your first language to solve some of the activities.



Continue reading every day!

WEEK of April 20-25

World earth day Royalty Free Vector Image - VectorStock

This week's activities are connected to Earth Day. Open the link below and work at your own pace. Start with pages 6-10 since it is vocabulary. After that, do the writings on pages 2 and 4. Remember you can use google translate. Have fun! 


WEEK of April 14-17



Write about the ways your life has changed since March 13, 2020 due to the Covid-19 school closure. Think about getting together with friends, going shopping, going to the doctor's office, eating out, etc. 

Depending on your English level, you can choose to write: 

  • A paragraph in English 

  • A couple of simple sentences in English

  • A paragraph in Spanish

 You can use a Word document in your office 365 and share it with me, or you can write it on on a piece of paper, take a picture, and send it to me. 

2) Continue doing Lexia for 45'
3) Do one reading from Readworks.


During this time away from school, I would like you to continue working on your English. I have added the websites that you are very familiar with to practice vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing. 

Durante este tiempo sin clases, me gustaria que continuen trabajando en su Ingles. He agregado las paginas de internet que ustedes ya conocen para practicar vocabulario, gramatica, lectura y escritura. 

LEXIA: Remember to log in through  CLEVER and then you will need to enter your Office365 information (your school email)
             Recuerden ingresar a traves the CLEVER y luego utilizen la informacion del correo electronico de la escuela de Office365

READWORKS: Go to student log in and then enter CLASS CODE. Carlos, Jalil, Nicolas, Salome, and Ciline use this CLASS CODE: 22GVHF. Password 1234. Katerin, Samuel, and Sarah use this CLASS CODE: 72HBSD. Password 1234.  After you ALL log in, you can change your password.
                           Ingresa en estudiante y luego ve a CLASS CODE. Carlos, Jalil, Nicolas, Salome, y Ciline usen el siguiente CLASS CODE: 22GVHF. Contrasena 1234. Katerin, Samuel, y Sarah usen  CLASS CODE 72HBSD. Contrasena 1234. Una ves que hayan ingresado pueden cambiar su contrasena. 

If you click on the tab Learning Vocabulary, it'll take you to LEARNING CHOCOLATE. You can practice any category you wish. 
Si ingresan en Learning Vocabulary los va a dirigir a LEARNING CHOCOLATE. Practiquen cualquier categoria que deseen.

If you have any question, send me an email please. 

Si tienen alguna pregunta, envienme un correo electronico por favor.


Mrs. Patterson